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  • Welcome To Emerald Pre-school House

    Emerald Pre-school House is located Zhangjiagang city, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. We are a premium kindergarten that focuses on arts and bilingualism. Building on our philosophy of artistic, modernization, and quality, we are determine to provide a healthy, joyous and warm learning environment for all children in our care.
    • Development Lead

      Through more than ten years of teaching practice, it has been concluded that the high-end quality of kindergartens is not only reflected in the upscale teaching facilities of places, environments, and equipment, but also reflected in whether all teachers and employees engage in “love”. Preschool education is a great and sacred undertaking.

    • Leading Education

      Has always attached importance to education research, from the beginning of the founding has an independent, professional education and research center, all researchers have pre-school education, child psychology, children’s literature, art education and other professional master’s degree.

    • Quality Leadership

      The prestigious early childhood education brand under the Singapore Education Agency relies on the unique business model of interactive development between the Singapore headquarters and kindergartens, as well as the high standard of education quality and management level.

    • Reputation Leader

      The quality of kindergarten education has been widely recognized by all walks of life. It has received various honors from the government, associations and the media, including the title of “Knowledge Brand Kindergarten” issued by the China Women and Children Development Center.

  • To cultivate children’s creativity, character and multicultural awareness and promote the full development of children!
    • Cultivate the habit

      Development and function of young children’s bodies, enhance physical fitness, cultivate good living habits, hygiene habits, and participate in sports activities.

    • Character establishment

      Focusing on bilingual education for children in non-English speaking countries, integrating English into reading, drama performance, science, mathematics, and other disciplines.

    • Moral Character

      To cultivate children’s good psychological quality and good moral character of getting along with others, cooperation, and mutual assistance.

    • Capability

      Developing infant intelligence and cultivating the basic skills of using senses correctly and using language interaction.

    • Interest Development

      Improve understanding of the environment, cultivate useful interests and desire for knowledge, and cultivate initial operational skills.

    • Our student

      Growing student population

    • Daily teaching hours

      Stable teaching time guarantees teaching quality

    • %
      Parental satisfaction

      Percentage satisfaction is our affirmation

    • Daily dining

      Dietary nutrition with reasonable growth

  • Our Class

    Our education program has four specialized classes
  • We provide 15 classes from 24 months to 6 years old.

  • We provide classes for 4 children of different ages. You can choose the right one for your child based on your child’s age.

  • Masterhand Learning Asia Pacific, LLP in Singapore.

    Our programme focused on children’s learning in a bilingual environment.  All learning is integrated with literacy, dramatization, science, numeracy and arts, so as to provide children with holistic development.

    • The most trusted preschool education brand
    • Authoritative science curriculum
    • Professional and caring teachers
    • Comfortable and safe learning environment
    • Science Safe Nutrition Diet
    • Learning & Fun

      We let children learn in fun

    • Healthy Eating

      Daily diet of healthy nutrition

    • Friendly Environment

      Healthy, safe and friendly learning environment

    • Safe place

      We provide security for our children

  • See more pictures of our children!

    • 让艾萌的四年学习生涯成为孩子童年一份美好而灿烂的回忆,这一方土地和乐园更多地融合儿童于自然、礼仪、品德与才能,关注每一个孩子的身心,我们家庭成员,都愿意积极配合学校教育双方合作。祝萌萌班的小朋友们,每天在一起,一同成长,班级越来越生动活泼!

    • 感谢班级各位老师对我家小朋友的关心,不管从生活以及教育,艾萌做的都很好,希望以后能与家长多沟通,定期与家长反映孩子在幼儿园的情况。

    • 我们班集体非常友爱团结,教师的教学方式深得小朋友喜欢,目前相当满意。

    • 我们家长对各方面都很满意,老师和阿姨都很认真负责,对孩子有爱心有耐心,孩子在园内学习的很开心,我们家长也很放心。

    • 感谢学校对孩子的教育与培养,宝贝在贵园学习我们很放心,小男孩比较调皮,如果不听话请一定要严加管教,我们家长一定大力支持,谢谢!

    • 郁金香班的老师都一级棒,阿姨也超级细心、耐心、爱心。

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  • Contact Us

    Feel free to contact us, below is our contact information
    • 地址

      江苏 张家港
      9# Tongyun Road
      Zhangjiagang City
      Jiangsu Province, China.

    • 电话&电子邮箱

      电话T: 86-512-58918801

    • 工作时间

      周一 – 周五
      Monday – Friday
      8.00 am – 5.00 pm
      Rest on weekends

    • 学 时

      上午, 8 am – 12 pm
      下午, 1 pm – 5 pm
      全天, 8 am – 5 pm